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Youth Ministries
There are various opportunities where our youth are able to exercise their gifts and talents, adding to the whole make-up of this ministry, and there are several auxiliaries where our youth play an intregal part of our church. Many of these sessions are on Wednesday evenings.
Sunshine Band
Liturgical Praise
Youth Choir
Youth Sunday Services
Come and share your gifts and talents with us as we endeavor to glorify God.
Women's Ministries

Women held an important part of the ministry in the early church as well as today. The Lord has gifted women for such a time as this. We offer a gamut of opportunites for women to be involved in the workings of the church in various teaching sessions. These sessions enhance the overall ministry to the complete body of Christ as well as just to the women in the body of Christ. Most of these auxiliaries meet on Wednesday evenings.


Young Women Christian Council (YWCC)

Christian Women's Council (CWC)

Deaconess Ministry

Deacon's and Minister's Wives Circle

Women's Choir

Annual Women's Retreat

Special Women's Service


We would love for you to come and share with us.

Men's Ministries

Men are to take a leadership role in the family and in the church. We offer sessions where men can come together to learn from one another what our God is calling for in these last and evil days. Iron sharpeneth iron. Most of these sessions meet on Wednesday evenings.


Men's Fellowship

Deacon's Ministry

Men's Choir

Annual Prayer Breakfast

Annual Men's Retreat

Annual Men's Day


We invite you to come and share with us.

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